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Luna:”…This is going to take a while to translate…”

(OOC: I suck at korean, but it’s supposed to be “Hi, Nice to meet you!”, even if it’s translated with Google Translator… This means that it’s probably wrong.

And also tried to emulate the style. I have a shitty scanner and a shitty digital camera.

Bad quality for the win.)

It’s not wrong. (Trust me, I am (quite proficient in) Korean. The image is just having some problems with the scanner or something (or the author).

Having a international audience for the win?

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I won stuff. Yay.

And, yes. My account is EXACTLY for that purpose.


“I am Shouting” Thank you Knick for such a weird thing to yell in the manga comic

The Winner is crimsonmoonknight

to me his account looks like just a fav account for ponies.

March 8, 2012

No RMOTW for a while…

Long story short, I will tag along one of my relatives for the rest of the month, so I cannot post RMOTW regularly, starting this week until April-ish.

I will post random stuff if I find it to my liking, though.

Some random thing in my life as of late:

1) For… last three weeks, I’ve gotten some positive interview experiences. Don’t know how it will turn out, but fingers-crossed, I suppose.

2) Since my relative’s here, kinda hard to look into MLP:FiM stuff. Biggest worry being catching up new episodes. Because Hasbro is cracking down on Youtube uploads, it will be hard to watch the episode at April or something.

3) One of my best friends just went to Army (US Army) this Monday. I pray for his well being and growth both spritually and physically.

That’s it for now.

March 2, 2012

Random memory of the week 7

I really hate the fact that, whenever I queue my post to be posted on Friday, it always puts “next Tuesday, 10am” as an auto-answer or something. Anyone have ideas to fix this.

Also, since I always post this on Friday at 7am… I got nothing. Was supposed to be about that dreadful song, but I give up.

Anyway, this week’s story happened when I was in high school, specifically in my junior year during AP Chemistry class.

As many people around my year will tell you, AP Chemistry class is one class you will love to hate. Mostly because the teacher who was in charge of AP Chemistry class yelled a lot for tiny mistake and the difficulty level and the effort you have to put into the class was close to what you will have to do for certain universities. Also, the way she give grades for tests, homeworks and lab notes were pretty harsh compare to other teachers of the school that some people drop out after their first quarter of the year (not sure what that’s called now). Also, if you mess up in one of the lab session and you don’t have time, you are out of luck since the instructor almost never give the student a make-up time to finish their lab (Emergencies excluded). However, the most prominent reason that you will hate the days you have the class is because of how intensive the “lab days” were.

Of course, it doesn’t matter that much if you were perfect in every task you do in your lab session, but as long as you are human, you were not perfect in every task you do in your lab session. Such inconvenient truth always came on to light in every lab session for me since I’ve had a pet peeve for getting everything perfect and precise, thereby rousing the anger within the teacher and getting yelled at, a lot (mostly because I am holding up the line, but sometimes because I forget the step or two). Sometimes, the lab session is used for doing pop quizzes or “pop lab activity” to be done and graded.

In one of those sessions, my teammates and I were butting our head together to figure out how to solve some kind of equation in order to get an OK from the instructor and perform necessary lab work to finish the lab in time. All of us were depressed and angry that we couldn’t figure out what that is. Back then, I was what you call a loner and very socially awkward (more than now) that I didn’t talk to my teammates when they were discussing how to solve the problem. Also, I was mad at my own inadequacy to solve this problem at that time. When one teammate asked me what I was doing, I was going to say “I am trying to figure out this [censored]" in response. However, since I tend to mumble a lot and spoke very quietly, what he heard was

"I am trying to….[censored]

Within seconds, everyone except me laughed at what I said. I was mad at first, but I laughed to after they told me what they heard. Of course, we got yelled at for causing a ruckus, but it was a nice break from such gloomy and very tense situation.

February 24, 2012

Random memory of the week 6

This happened about 7 years ago. I am pretty sure it is about 7, since I know I was in high school when this happened. It’s kinda embarrassing to actually tell this story, but I couldn’t come up with the better one.

Oh, and changed the theme, since my old theme didn’t include the page breaks and I would like to have a page break on this one.

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February 17, 2012

Random memory of the week 5

For the longest time, I was scared of roller coaster. Of course, those of you who knew me when I came to USA wouldn’t know about it, but I was genuinely scared of riding roller coaster, and the amusement park near my house way back when had a roller coaster named “Fear Express” (Literal translation) didn’t help me any.

As it is the case now, I was a pretty heavy guy (but moreso back then than now, I hope), so my classmates used to make fun of me for fearing various things, including the roller coaster. However, my close friends (who were very understanding one way or another) decided to make me overcome the fear of roller coaster.

One of those friends (who will be anonymous for sake of his privacy) decided to ride the “Fear Express” with me. Back then, he was scrawny and pretty short guy who barely made the height requirement for the ride. After some convincing (forced or otherwise), I decided to ride with him.

The rest is, well, history. After the initial fear and shock of going down, doing the loops and sudden acceleration and stops, I came to love riding the roller coaster.

Hm, I know it’s a bit weak for the random memory of the week, but I can’t think of a good one, so… sorry? IDK.

February 11, 2012

Random memory of the week 4 (I know it’s late)

Grrr… these page breaks are not working. Unless someone has a solution, I guess I will just post them as factually (?) as possible.

So, this one happened when I was in China. I was in an airport with very, very bad stomach flu. If you have not caught stomach flu, good for you. It’s not really a positive experience. It feels like your body wants to generate enough heat to make a fever and you actually feel it, but it’s really hard to determine if you have a fever or not. I think it’s because my body fluctuated the temperature every five minutes or so, but what do I know. The thing is, I felt like crap, but it wasn’t exactly a fever either, so not sure what to say to that.

Also, since it’s a “stomach” flu, you feel like you want to go to the bathroom or you don’t want to. Sometimes, this feeling is coupled with stomach-aches, so you really want to go to the bathroom, just to find out that it’s… well… not as modern as you might think.

Anyway, it was a pretty busy looking airport at night (near 12:00AM) when our family finally checked in and waited for a plane that was supposed to leave at 12:30AM but didn’t arrive until near 2:00AM. Since it was a very busy airport, finding a free spot was a work in itself. Our family kinda found the free spot near some baggage that the people across seemed to be watching, so we settled down. By settle down, I mean I lie down shivering and feeling like crap using two seats and my family surround me.

Eventually, though, we found out that the seats were taken. How? One thing that clued me on was people watching us very disdainfully and the other was a middle-aged lady (아줌마) who was staring down at me, grinning. No, I didn’t type anything unusual. She was GRINNING. It was not the good grinning either. Imagine grins of Joker and Grinch and mush them together a bit and add a little bit more sarcasm and cynicism on it and you may have close to 1% of actual evil and vileness behind the grin I saw. Maybe it was because I was sick, or maybe she was mad enough to go insane, but I can say it was one of the most frightful things I saw in my life.

So, we scooted over (well, pushed and have to relocate completely is more accurate), and this middle-aged lady was saying something really, well, sarcastic or something, because other people were laughing at us. I don’t know what she said, but it was very malicious enough that I felt rage and fear at the same time.

February 3, 2012

Random memory of the week 3 (added jump for length)

As most of my friends know, I graduated from CMU last May. However, this story takes place when I was a freshman.

I am not sure if this is the case right now, but, as a freshman in CMU, I was assigned to one of the pretty good dormitory with a first floor lounge that accommodates two big sofas, a beanie (IIRC), and 42” TV. Many people (that is to say, the CS people mostly) use this lounge almost every day as a hangout place. One night (think it was the weekend), around 15 people were watching Firefly. All the viewers were unmistakably CS people. As they were watching the show, they commented, explained and, well, praised the Nathan Fillion’s acting at the same time. Since I watched “Serenity” before, I was inclined to watch how the TV series spin-off came to be.

At one part of the episode (near the beginning), Nathan’s character was in the bar buying the drink. Before he ordered the drink to the bartender, I noticed the Japanese writing on the wall of the bar. I knew, back then, it was a Japanese writing on the wall because they had Hiragana on the sentence as well. So, I commented (softly) that I am surprised that there is only Japanese and English in Firefly’s universe.

Then, one of the CS people raged against me that it’s not Japanese but Chinese that exists in the Firefly universe and raged on and on. I politely pointed out the writing on the wall as my evidence, but he kept argued that it was a Chinese writing. Also, when the scene depicting Nathan’s character ordering a drink in Chinese, the CS person had a mocking “Ha!” and kept nerd-raged on how I didn’t know anything about the Firefly or the Eastern culture. Being Asian myself, I thought that comment was a bit excessive.

What happened after that? I am not sure. One thing I know is that person and I had a bad taste in our mouths after the argument, but nothing further. On unrelated note, the CS person in question was Caucasian.

Did that changed my view in Firefly as a show or other shows? Absolutely not. I liked Firefly (though a bit disappointed that ending was a bit bland and couldn’t continue) and Dollhouse (again, the ending was a disappointment). So, I wouldn’t say that the argument deterred me from enjoying the show.

January 27, 2012

Random memory of the week 2 (Almost missed it, almost)

This happened pretty recently. By recently, I mean my second (third?) trip to XX Sauna in YY, NJ.

There is this really hot room and really cold room. There are names and properties regarding these rooms, but, for simplicity, I will call it “really hot” and “really cold”.

Usually, one would go into really hot room first and then really cold room. Why? Well, that’s another discussion all-together, so bear with me.

Anyway, at that particular trip, I couldn’t stay at really hot room for so long. Usually, I would spend about 60~90 seconds there to, well, relax, but it seemed as though my whole face was on fire at that time. So, I bailed less than 30 seconds I went in.

At the really cold room, when I was recharging (or recovering in this case) to gain some relief, they were these two gentlemen who entered the really cold room. Surprisingly, they were in the middle of discussion. Since I was in the vicinity (read: curious like a cat), I couldn’t help but hear what they were talking about.

The topic of their discussion was the economy and “their” business. Of course, being around 40~50 old men, they blamed/acknowledged economy being in the toilet and how it has affected their “sales and products”. I cannot remember their exact discussion word-by-word, but the gist of their talk was their “competitors” have gotten “tough” and they are going to do some “push-and-pull” to “restrict and/or allow” their market.

So, what’s wrong with this discussion you may ask? Well, nothing in particular. However, after the two gentlemen left and I was alone. I realized something. If their topic of discussion was not just any products but drugs (not those prescription kinds but really, really bad stuff) or other illegal products, their tone and their strategy against their competitors made perfect sense. In other words, their tone and vocabulary during the discussion and their discussion itself just made perfect sense when their products are illegal materials.

I shudder at the fact that, if I got involved in the discussion, what would have happened to me. D: